10 Things to Do in Budapest

The choice is big, the possibilities seem to be endless? There are many things to see in Budapest, depending on how much time you bring with you, you will need to make a good selection of important things to see in Budapest and of course know which ones are worth the visit. Budapest is very rich of things to see but you want to make the most out of your time? Than I have prepared 10 Things to see in Budapest for you that you should not miss!

  1. The House of Parliament in Budapest
  2. See historical and beautiful Heroes’ Square
  3. The View from Budapest Castle District
  4. See the Budapest Opera from inside
  5. Visit one of the Baths in Budapest
  6. A walk on Andrassy Út by Night
  7. Check out the Basilica in Budapest
  8. Go shopping in the Grand Market Hall
  9. Walk across Chain Bridge by night
  10. You tell me what is the 10th MUST SEE thing in Budapest in the comments!

These 10 things you can easily see and experience within a weekend here in Budapest in case you have the right plan. If I can help you with that as well than I am more than happy so find below the “Friday evening to Sunday evening Top 10 things to see in Budapest Tour” below.

Cover the “Top 10 Things to See in Budapest” on a Weekend

Friday Evening

Lets assume you arrive in the afternoon, have checked into your hotel and have an evening in front of you starting with a 8 p.m. dinner. After the dinner in the inner city you take a walk along Andrassy Út (Point 6) with the finish on Heroes’ Square (Point 2).


On saturday morning I recommend to visit the Grand Market Hall (Point 8) in order to see the Hungarian culture live. What do people buy, cook and eat in Hungary, here you will find the answer. After that you will take a taxi or public transport to reach the Castle District (Point 3) and see the beauty of Budapest from above while seeing also the Fishermens Bastion and the Matthias Church. In your view will also be a perfect view on the Budapest Parliament (Point 1).

After that you might want to take a lunch, so go down the Castle district with the Siklo (what is that?) and cross the Chain Bridge (Point 9) to reach the city center. After the lunch you go and see the Hungarian State Opera House (Point 4) and Basilica (Point 7).

The evening is up to you with a dinner or maybe if you are lucky you can get tickets for an opera performance at night. In case you rather have a few drinks check out some of the Bars in Budapest.


On sunday start the day with giving yourself a spa and wellness treatement in one of baths in Budapest. I recommend the Szechényi Bath near Heroes’ Square. Stay there half a day including massage, sauna, whirlpools etc and just relax before going back on Sunday afternoon.


It is possible to see these top 10 things in Budapest in one weekend. Of course there are many other things that are worth seeing and visiting when you stay in Budapest especially if you stay longer than a weekend. In case you need more inspiration and ideas than check out this list of 101 Things to see and Do in Budapest.

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