Andrássy út Budapest

Andrássy út in Budapest is the avenue which stands for Budapest. With its beautiful buildings running from Déak Square to Heroes’ Square and the trees on the side it for sure is the most beautiful avenue in Budapest. It also is the starting point for many people when doing their sightseeing trip or starting into Budapests nightlife as it is very centrally located and of course worth watching. On and arround Andrássy út you find many restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs in beautiful restaurated buildings and in cellars which cannot be more diverse.

Originally Andrássy út was built to decrease the traffic of the parallel Király utca, which is a one way road today because it is too narrow, and connect the inner city with the City Park at the end of Andrássy út. It was decided to be built in 1870 and in 1872 the constructions started. On August 20th (Hungary’s National Holiday) 1876 Andrássy út was opened ut and since than has always been one of the main roads of Budapest. If you want to find out more about the history of Andrássy út please go ahead and read the Wikipedia article about it.

Andrássy út is the most representative road in Budapest and it is taken special care about. You will not find an unrestaurated building among the avenue and it is always kept clean and nice. Trees in Christmas time are decorated with thousands of lights giving the entire city a Christmas feeling. During summer all the bars and restaurants are getting out their chairs and tables for the people to sit outside, enjoy a beautiful summer day over a cup of coffee or a beer.

However the owners of real estate on Andrássy út know exactly the value of their properties and ask for unbelievable high prices for the rent so that some locations had to be closed down already and are still searching for new businesses to open up. If than you can find high profile brands such as Louis Vuitton or Dolce & Gabbana who are opening up flagship stores among the avenue. Of course the high prices of the estate needs to be paid by the customer so don’t be surprised to pay a high price for your lunch, dinner or just you cup of coffee, it is dramatically higher than elsewhere in the city. Though as soon as you leave Andrássy út and go to one of the parallel roads prices will drop with every step you make.

Sights among Andrássy út

Tours where you will see Andrássy Út in Budapest

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