Bridges of Budapest

There are plenty of inexpensive and fun things to do around Budapest, a common one is viewing the eight bridges that cross the Danube river from north to south. It’s amazing to view the towns first stone bridge wall or a chance to cross the second oldest public bridge in Budapest to get to Margaret Island. These are a couple of examples of what you can find exploring one of Budapest biggest attractions, their architecturally beautiful and history saturated bridges.

The most famous of the bridges spanning the river Danube is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge or Széchenyi lánchíd in Hungarian. It is a massive suspension bridge from under the Buda Castle to the front of the Gresham Palace Hotel and the Academy of Sciences.

The longest bridge spanning the Danube is the Megyeri Bridge located at the most Northern point of the capital. It is Hungary’s first cable-stayed river bridge and is a part of the M0 highway which goes around Budapest.

Arpad Bridge is the second longest bridge in budapest and is named after the leader of the first Magyar settlers of Hungary, Chieftain Arpad. The Liberty bridge is the shortest bridge and was built for the Millennium World Exhibition in 1986. The Petofi Bridge is named after the Hungarian Poet and revolutionist Sandor Petofi.

The Elizabeth Bridge, named after Queen Elisabeth, is the second newest bridge in Budapest. The bridge was blown up by the Nazis during WWII and was rebuilt in 1964.

The Lagymanyosi Bridge is the most southern Danube bridge of Budapest. It connects Könyves Kálmán Boulevard to the south Buda district of Lágymányos, after which it has been named.

Margaret Bridge is the second permanent bridge of Budapest. Its construction was started twenty years after the inauguration of the Chain Bridge. It connects Szent István Boulevard and Margit Boulevard.

As the brigdes in Budapest are connecting Pest and Buda along the entire city, any sight on the Danube is close to one of the bridges. Here are the most spectacular ones.

Tours on which you will see the Bridges of Budapest
Here you can chose any tour that is crossing the Danube you will use at least 1 bridge and see more than that. Most of the tours are crossing either Chain Brigde or Freedom Bridge as they are the most spectacular. Here are some Tours where you will for sure see some bridges.

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