Budapest is the capital of Hungary and often called the City of Love or Paris of Eastern Europe which refers to the romance and the love that is in the air and obviously is a little sideswipe to Paris. What makes Budapest so romantic and optimistic to call itself like this? If you ever had the chance to see Budapest at night full of lights you will say that this is a magic moment, especially if you happen to be around the Danube and see the shore and bridges lid up by thousands of lights. It is also the entire flair that gives Budapest a special feeling and appearance, during summertime people are enjoying their lives sitting outside in pubs, bars, cafes and drink and talk. Budapest is a very historical city which adds even more beauty to the city and also the fact that not everything is perfect gives Budapest a human touch.

History of Budapest

To be honest their is so much history in Budapest that it would be too much for this article but I outline some parts and than refer to Wikipedia as I think this is the most comprehensive collection about the history of Budapest and you find referring links to all kinds of topics that might interest you.

Budapest is a connection of three independent cities; Buda, Óbuda and Pest. Buda and Óbuda (Old-Buda) or on the Western shore of Budapest, Pest is on the Eastern shore. Many times Buda is referred to as the nicer part of the city, quiter, hilly and a bit more exclusive whereas Pest is the bigger and more active part. In Pest there is a lot of nightlife going on, most students live here and go out. Buda with the Buda hills is, at least in terms of real estate prices, a bit more expensive and also quiter in terms of clubs or bars. So some people have the credo live in Buda, party in Pestwhich combines the best of both worlds.

Another historical fact that makes Budapest what it is today is the Turkish control in former times as well as the Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom which both changed the behaviour, mentality and the way of living in Budapest dramatically. Still today you find signs and hints all over the city.

As mentioned I refer to Wikipedia now where you can read all that in detail: Click Here!

Budapest Nightlife and Dining

Budapest is full of restaurants, bars and clubs that make it an amazing city for going out and feeling the city. Many people are coming to Budapest with cheap flight airlines just to enjoy the weekend, eat out, drink in bars and spend the night in a club dancing. There are many websites out there taking care of this topic (more information below) so I will not list here any places to go to but rather write about the fact itself and what it is like.
What the city is famous for are so called Ruin Pubs (Romkocsma) and places where you can sit outside enjoying the night. Ruin Pubs are bars built in old, ruined houses in the middle of the city that are not restaurated because it would be too expensive so pub owners rent it and just put in some chairs, tables a bar and some decoration, thats it. You than sit in some historical building, have your beer and chat with friends. The most famous Ruin Pubs in Budapest are probably Szimpla Kert, Instant and Romkert.

Also in dining Budapest has much to offer. Over the years there has been a steady growth in fantastic restaurants with great atmosphere, service and of course food. Restaurants such as the Spoon, Pastrami or Leroy bring international flair to the restaurant landscape of Budapest. Also bars get closer to international standards and offer high class cocktails in excellent ambience.
But still old traditions are maintained in Budapest so that you can have your traditional Hungarian food and drinks in the city such as Chicken Paprikas or Stuffed Cabbage. These Hungarian restaurants, such as Gundel, Nancsi Neni or Restaurant Paprika, are also very popular among tourists and expats to have a try and taste a bit of Hungarys tradition.

Websites about Budapest

As mentioned above there are several websites that take care of the day to day happenings in Budapest and of course about reviewing all the restaurants, bars, hotels, cafés and so much more. This site on should just give you an introduction about Budapest and of course the possibility of booking Sightseeing Tours, read reviews about Tourguides in Budapest and give information about the sights in Budapest. For all other topics there are websites that handle reviews, news and more much better so I am happy to refer you to one of them. In case you find your website here or would like to see it here I would be happy if you would also link to me from your website.

General Websites about Budapest

Budapest News

Budapest Baths and Spa

Hotels in Budapest

Just like in any other major city in Europe the denisity of hotels and other accommodation types is tremendous and it is very hard to get an overview of which hotel has a fair price performance ratio and a good location in terms of your desired action points. Meaning you can find hotels everywhere in the city but you want to stay in the city center, for a reasonable price and a fair service. Of course there are tons of websites where you can book a hotel but to somehow get through the forest of possibilities just takes ages.

So if you need a hotel for your holiday in Budapest, go ahead and click on the links to book them.

Stories from Locals:


“We participate each year the Museums’ night at the end of June, I love the extra programs made up for this night, I liked best the planetarium program of the Kiscell Museum and the spirit of the Aquincum Museum.”


“I like the permanent exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery too, but when the paintings of Munkácsy were exhibited we spent hours with my father in the waiting queue to get in and see the paintings. I do not regret a moment of it.”


“I like to travel on the trams in the summer, I even go home on a by pass road. I like watching the Danube and the panorama of Buda from tram numbered 2 and I go with it right until the circuit. There I change for trams 4-6 and admire the circuit, the buildings, the people and the everyday pulse of the town.”


“Whenever I am on the Andrássy avenue I feel as if I was on an era journey. It worth looking at the frontages of the old building, you may find beautiful things, so heads up!”


“Elegancy, monumental buildings, centenary turn cottages, large space with alleys, tube railways, hive and peace in the same time, this is Andrássy avenue. This is where I ran my first half Marathon too in heavy rain but with even bigger enthusiasm.”


“The Palace District recalls a bit of Paris in Budapest. Behind the Hungarian National Museum a separated little world unfolds over here with beautiful buildings, cheery squares, narrow, high streets. The tiny orioles learn to sing for Bach and Haydn due to the nearby rooms of the radio. Reviczky street is the nicest of the town. It is the nicest when the wind blows off the petals from the blooming trees, or when the colourful leafs of autumn covers the street. Just a few streets, but we may often find surprise in every corner.”


“Anonymus’ sculpture in the Castle of Vajdahunyad. It is in a nice environment, for me its pose is very interesting, it makes me think what could it be what does he do… For me the Castle of Vajdahunyad is an exciting build up itself.”


“I don’t believe that another city exists where we can find as many lion imageries as in Budapest. It can be seen on water spouts, bridge heads, stones of gate entries, wood carving of remained apartment blocks, in front of the public buildings, sculptures of squares, all made in different artistic styles.”


“Art and culture: I propose the Palace of Art in any case. You may find there everything: book shop, museum, movie, not to mention the concerts, both classical and light music and tickets are lot cheaper for the students one hour before the concert!!”


“I was given a fantastic gift for my birthday: we went up by scooter to the Zikkurat located between the Palace of Arts and the Hungarian National Theatre and we rolled down. Excitement, sight and joy. Do we need better fun?”


The Buda Castle gives a beautiful sight on the hot summer nights with the lights of the night and the view to the town is also nice. In August, when I was there one night a violinist played music at the Fishermen’s Bastion, I think it was very romantic.

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