Budapest Segway Tour

Probably one of the most exciting ways to discover Budapest is with a Segway Tour. In this tour you will get a basic instruction course first on how to handle the segway especially on (dangerous) public roads like in Budapest. After approximately half an hour of learning by doing you will discover Budapest by segway and see all the exciting sights in the inner city which ones these are you can see further down in the article.

First of all you might ask yourself what a segway is. Well, check the image on the right, it is a 2 wheeled vehicle that you steer only with shifting the weight of your body forward or backwards, respectively to the sides in case you would like to make a turn. This way of transportation does surely not belong to the most popular ways of moving simply because a segway is quite expensive, not really ment to go for long distances, you need to charge it and its hard to park somewhere however it is fun. Everything connected to fun will give your holiday a reason to remember so booking the Budapest Segway Tour will for sure stay in your memories, especially if it is the first Segway ride you do.

Sights you will see on a Segway Tour in Budapest:

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