Budapest Attractions & Sights

In Budapest sights are widespread all over the city, it is not as centered as it might be in other cities where you travel to one point in the city and have all sights around you. You have from North to South and West to East historical sights in Budapest which either requires a lot of travelling or a well organized tour.
That travelling is worth every second because the sights in Budapest are beautiful and worth visiting so bring some time to see all what is on your to do list or take my advice in the “Top 10 Things to See in Budapest” article.
Below you find a wide collection of Budapest sights out of which you can chose and plan your trip accordingly. Of course there are many more sights in Budapest to see which I will add step by step to deliver a very comprehensive source of information around sights worth visiting in Budapest.

Hungarian State Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House, or often called Budapest Opera, is located in the city center of Budapest right on Andrássy Út. It was constructed by the Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl and costructed between 1875 and 1884, the grand opening was on September 27th 1884. Since 1886 the Opera hosts the famous society event Budapest Opera Ball. Between […]

Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest

The White-stoned, Fishermen’s Bastion (Halaszbastya) appears like a castle out of a magical fairytale, where you can take the best photos in Budapest-for free. It is actually a decorative viewing terrace, with many stairs and walking paths, in neo-Gothic and Romanesque style. It is the tourists’ favorite spot in the Castle district, offering a grand […]

St. Stephen Basilica Budapest

The St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest is surely one of the most impressive sights you’ll encounter. The St. Stephen’s Basilica is Hungary’s largest church and with stunning architecture and design it is one of Hungary’s favorite tourists attractions.The Basilicaoverlooks the grand Szent István tér (St. Stephen’s Square), a great place to enjoy coffee at outdoor cafes during the day and […]

Heroes’ Square Budapest

The Heroes’ Square in Budapest is one of the most famous and most frequently visited sights in Budapest. You will not find any guide or book without the Heroes’ Square in it. That is why many pictures of tourists are taken with the Heroes’ Square in the background to show that “I have been here”. It is […]

Andrássy út Budapest

Andrássy út in Budapest is the avenue which stands for Budapest. With its beautiful buildings running from Déak Square to Heroes’ Square and the trees on the side it for sure is the most beautiful avenue in Budapest. It also is the starting point for many people when doing their sightseeing trip or starting into Budapests nightlife […]

Citadella Budapest

On top of beautiful Gellert Hill in Budapest Hungary sits the stunning Citadella which boasts beautiful stunning views of the entire city including the Danube. The fortress dates back to 1851 when it was built by the Commander of the Habsburg Monarcy, Julius Jacob Von Haynau shortly after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. It is a U […]

Matthias Church

Matthias church holds a special place among the many beautiful churches in Budapest and it is located in the heart of the Castle District. Built in the 13th Century this is the most interesting architectural structure in Hungary because of its stark white exterior crowned with diamond pattern roof tiles and the rich, ornate interior that […]

Buda Castle

Rising 48 meters above the Danube, looming over the neighbouring Pest is Castle Hill dominating the city of Budapest. Located on Castle hill is the Buda Castle and its fantastic panoramic view over the Danube. Buda Castle was built in the 13th century following the Mongol invasion and for centuries it housed the kings and queens of […]

Chain Bridge Budapest

As you look across the Danube you can see many bridges, including the Chain Bridge(Széchenyi Lánchíd) that spans across the water. It was the first bridge to join the Buda with the Pest, opening in 1849. The bridge straddles the Danube on the Pest side of the river to Széchenyi square and on the Buda side to […]

Vaci Utca Budapest

Váci utca is Budapest’s main shopping area that starts from Budapest Central Market(Nagycsamok) at Fövám Tér and ends in Vorosmarty square. It is located in the heart of the old center of Pest and parallel to the river Danube. Vaci utca is a beautiful pedestrian filled street with different styles of buildings, lots of restaurants and souvenir […]

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