Budapest Attractions & Sights

In Budapest sights are widespread all over the city, it is not as centered as it might be in other cities where you travel to one point in the city and have all sights around you. You have from North to South and West to East historical sights in Budapest which either requires a lot of travelling or a well organized tour.
That travelling is worth every second because the sights in Budapest are beautiful and worth visiting so bring some time to see all what is on your to do list or take my advice in the “Top 10 Things to See in Budapest” article.
Below you find a wide collection of Budapest sights out of which you can chose and plan your trip accordingly. Of course there are many more sights in Budapest to see which I will add step by step to deliver a very comprehensive source of information around sights worth visiting in Budapest.

Bridges of Budapest

There are plenty of inexpensive and fun things to do around Budapest, a common one is viewing the eight bridges that cross the Danube river from north to south. It’s amazing to view the towns first stone bridge wall or a chance to cross the second oldest public bridge in Budapest to get to Margaret Island. These are […]

Great Market Hall Budapest

Many people love to enjoy the day shopping at a local Hungarian “Farmers market” known as the Great Market Hall. It is a great place to enjoy both shopping and sightseeing and great for a stroll even in the cold, rainy weather. It is a 3-story hall, located at Fővám Tér in the 9th district. […]

City Park Budapest

The City Park (Városligetin Hungarian) is one of the largest green areas comprised of a lake and is located behind Heroes’ square. This vast green stretch isn’t just home to hundred year old trees and beautiful pathways but it is saturated with attractions that can be enjoyed by all, whether you’re old, young, single or have children. […]

Gellert Hill Budapest

Gellert Hill is an eminence with incredible views, rising 235m above the Danube. It is part of both the 1st and 11th Districts. It is a perfect place to begin your sightseeing in Budapest by taking in the city all at once. On this hill you can find the St. Gellert monument, facing Erzsébet híd […]

Margaret Island

Margeret Island in Budapest is an island that is in the Danube in the center of Budapest. With its length of 2.5km and a width of 500 metres Margeret Island is almost an own district but administratively it belongs to the 13th district which is on the Pest side. Mainly the island is covered by […]

Jewish WWII Memorial

Along the Pest side of the Danube Promenade you can find a touching yet powerful scene in Budapest. It is a row of statued shoes, representing the Jewish victims who lost their life during World War II in Budapest. The memorial was created by Gyula Pauer and Can Togay in 2005. It contains 60 pairs […]

Budapest Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház, which translates to House of the Country) is one of the most amazing buildings in Budapest. Taken out of a fairy tale the Parliament in Budapest is best viewed in all its dazzle from the Buda side. It is one of the biggest Parliaments,with the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. It lies in Lajos […]

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