Museums in Budapest

The Museums in Budapest reflect the history of the city and the entire country and show what happened in the past centuries, how the country envolved and how life has been in earlier times. There are many museums that are worth visiting while you stay in Budapest and a museum tour is a perfect program for the cold winter days.
In Budapest there are many different museums that cover different aspects of culture and history such as the House of Terror or the Museum for Agriculture which are really fascinating. Also the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Applied Arts are worth visiting and spending a half day in there.

Museum of Applied Arts

Another landmark you’ll come across in Budapest is the Museum of Applied Arts (Magyar Iparművészeti Múzeum). The museum was established in 1872, as the third of its kind in Europe, after London and Vienna. Applied arts is defined as objects that have been used in everyday life with special design and aesthetics.The exhibition contains museum […]

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum) attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists every year. It is located in Heroes Square, facing the Palace of Art. The museum is stocked with international art, comprised of 100,000 pieces from all periods of European art. The museum was built between 1900-1906 by Albert Schickedanz and Fulop […]

Hungarian National Museum

A great way to start your time in Budapest would be visiting the Hungarian National Museum also known in Hungarian as the Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, founded in 1802. You can learn all the basics of Hungarian history and culture, from the foundation of the state until the 1990′s. You can even find, the Holy Crown, […]

Ludwig Museum Budapest

The Ludwig museum is one of the many fascinating museums you’ll find in Budapest. The museum displays a masterwork of modern and contemporary art. It was established in 1989, when the art collector couple, Peter and Irene Ludwig provided 70 pieces of contemporary art collections (which are available now in 30 museums across the world) […]

Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery( known in Hungarian as Magyar Nemzeti Galeria) is the largest public collection documenting and exhibiting the history and development of Hungarian painting. The permanent collection also represents the past five hundred years of art in Hungary, including Gothic wood sculptures and altarpieces. It is definitely a must see museum with even […]

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle is situated in the complex of caves and cellars beneath Castle Hill stretching to a length of almost 10km. It is a partly natural, partly man-made formation. It is a fully immersive, slightly spooky artistic and historical project that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in Budapest. If you’re open-minded and bring a […]

Memento Park

Memento Park (Szoborpark Múzeum) is home to many of the old communist era statues and monuments. The statues were originally located all over Budapest but were removed once there was a change in the political system. Memento Park is located on a piece of land, 10km southwest of the city center. It contains approximately 40-50 […]

House of Terror

The building on Andrassy Avenue 60 was the headquarters of the secret police under the Fascist Arrow Cross regime and then the communist regime. It’s is now an amazing and unique place dedicated to Hungary’s political past, which opened on February 24th, 2002, known as the House of Terror(Terror Háza Múzeum). After having survived two […]

Synagoge in Budapest

If the Jewisih Community in Budapest is what you’re looking for then the Great Synagogue(also known as the Central Synagogue) on Dohany Street is the perfect place to begin. It is the center of Neolog Judaism and is located in the 7th district. It is also, the largest synagogue in Europe and the fifth largest in […]

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