Danube Bend Day Trip

The Danube Bend Day trip offers a cruise along the Danube while stopping at the gorgeous old towns of Hungary. This is a popular full day tour that gives the visitors an opportunity to discover Hungary outside of Budapest.

While cruising the Danube the boat stops at Visegrad, Esztergom and Szentendre, offering guided tours of their top attractions. The tour stops first at Visegrad where you will see the medieval citadel and romantic ruins of the former royal residence. The tour extends with a stop at Esztergom, giving a chance to view the historical cathedrals. Afterwards a three course lunch is provided with coffee and the tour continues with a guided tour at the city of Szentendre and its Baroque city center. Your tour will end returning back to the Danube Bend in Budapest.

This amazing tour has much to offer, such as a three course lunch, air-conditioned cruising, hotel pickup and all required entrance fees included. This tour is perfect for a wide range of people and details regarding the tour are listed below.

Sights in Budapest you will see on the Danube Bend Day Trip:

Cities among the Danube Bend Day Trip:

  • Visegrad
  • Esztergom
  • Szentendre
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