Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest

The White-stoned, Fishermen’s Bastion (Halaszbastya) appears like a castle out of a magical fairytale, where you can take the best photos in Budapest-for free. It is actually a decorative viewing terrace, with many stairs and walking paths, in neo-Gothic and Romanesque style. It is the tourists’ favorite spot in the Castle district, offering a grand panorama of almost the entire city.

This amazing structure is a little over 100 years old, built by Frigyes Schulek, between 1895 and 1902, simultaneously with the last major renovation of the Matthias Church. A bronze statue of Stephen I of Hungary mounted on a horse can be seen between the Bastion and the Matthias Church. As history has it, in the medieval times, there was fish market nearby and it was the duty of the fisherman’s guild to defend this part of the castle complex, hence the name of the Bastion. So the Bastion was built to commemorate the fisherman who protected the area of the city. There are seven tent-like towers that symbolize the seven Hungarian tribes that arrived to the Carpathian Basin in 1896.

The best time to visit the Fisherman’s Bastion is on a clear, sunny day. This weather will allow you to see all of what Fisherman’s Bastion has to offer including the stunning views and amazing architecture. From this point you can see: slim towers, ships cruising the Danube, the gentle slopes of the Castle Hill, the fresh green of the Margaret Island, and more.

It is free to enter Fishermen’s Bastion, but if you want to visit the very top there is a small fee. After dark there is no fee and during a warm summer night, it is beautiful to see the city lights. In one of the towers, you can also find a cafe, where you can sit for a coffee and enjoy the beauty Budapest has to offer.

Sights around the Fishermen’s in Bastion

Tours on which you will see the Fishermen’s Bastion

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