House of Terror

The building on Andrassy Avenue 60 was the headquarters of the secret police under the Fascist Arrow Cross regime and then the communist regime. It’s is now an amazing and unique place dedicated to Hungary’s political past, which opened on February 24th, 2002, known as the House of Terror(Terror Háza Múzeum). After having survived two terror regimes, it was felt that the time had come for Hungary to rebuild a fitting memorial to the victims. The exhibits are imaginative, troubling and deeply moving. It is a self-paced journey through the 1950′s Hungarian times of secret police, arrests, tortures and executions. It’s a very interesting to look into one of Hungary’s darkest times.

Upon entering into the museum there are many displays of photos, videos, artifacts from this era. At each stop, there are paper hand-outs describing the room’s content. Many of the rooms also have screens showing interviews with people who are telling their stories about the actions of these regimes (victims and staff). The route around the building starts on the 2nd floor and works down to the basement where you see the cells that many of the regimes’ victims were incarcerated in.

It is a monument to the memory of those who suffered during these regimes. The Museum, while presenting the horrors in a tangible way, it still manages to make people understand that the sacrifice for freedom was not in vain. Basically, the fight against Hungary and the two cruelest systems of the 20th century ended with the victory of the forces of freedom and independence.

Opening hours:
Open every day except Monday: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
Weekends: 10.00 am – 7.30 pm

How to get there:
Metro line 1 (Yellow line) to Vörösmarty utca station or tram 4 or 6 to Oktogon

Entrance fee:

  • 1800 HUF for adults
  • 900 HUF for students (6-26 years old) and seniors
  • free for disabled people and their caretakers, for visitors over 70

Sights around the House of Terror in Budapest

Tours on which you will see the House of Terror

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