Hungarian National Museum

A great way to start your time in Budapest would be visiting the Hungarian National Museum also known in Hungarian as the Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, founded in 1802. You can learn all the basics of Hungarian history and culture, from the foundation of the state until the 1990′s. You can even find, the Holy Crown, also referred to as the Crown of St. Stephen the first King of Hungary, on display at the National Museum, currently in the Parliament building. This is an example of the fabulous collections of rarities and masterworks that awaits you at the countries largest historical collection.

The Hungarian National Museum is located in Budapest VIII and was built in Classical style by the architect Mihály Pollack. It was founded when count Ferenc Szechenyi set up the National Széchényi Library. A lot of donations were made to help the construction of the museum including the Hungarian Parliament, who donated half a million forint’s to build a new section. The museum is a major identity for the Hungarian community because of its role in the Hungarian Revolution. Sándor Petofi tried to incite a revolution against the Habsburgs by reciting his rebellious poem here on 15 March 1848, and today, in remembrance festivities for National Commemorations Day of 1848 are held in front of the museum.

The Museum offers seven permanent displays of artifacts of Hungary from Roman to modern times. Some include; The history from the foundation of the state to 1990 Middle Ages, Rákóczi War of Independence, twentieth century scholar Hungarians and Medieval and Early Modern Lapidary.

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun: 10 am to 6 pm
Monday: Closed

The permanent exhibition is free of charge. Guided tours are offered.

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