Jewish Budapest Sightseeing Tour

Budapest is known for having a strong Jewish community. The Jewish Budapest SIghtseeing tour aims to present Jewish landmarks found all over the beautiful city. This is great for visitors to the country whether you’re Jewish or not, it offers a great insight on the history of the Jewish during World War II.

The tour begins with a drive along the Danube river. On the Pest side of the Danube Promenade at St.Stephen’s Park, you can find a touching yet powerful scene, a row of statued shoes, representing the Jewish victims who lost their life during World War II in Budapest. It is a very compelling, yet very simple memorial and visited to honor the history of the Jewish heritage. Afterwards, the tour continues to the Dohány Street Synagogue, which is the second largest synagogue in the World. This building is located in the former middle class jewish district of Budapest, the New Leopold town.

The tour ends with the visiting the Jewish garden, Jewish Museum, the Tree of Life, and the Temple of the Heroes, all located around the Synagogue. Also available is a chance to eat a Kosher meal at a restaurant, although it is optional and not included in the price of the tour.

Jewish heritage ESSENTIALS Tour (2,5h) Jewish heritage GRAND Tour (3,5h)

Sights you will see on the Jewish Budapest Sightseeing Tour:

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