Margaret Island

Margeret Island in Budapest is an island that is in the Danube in the center of Budapest. With its length of 2.5km and a width of 500 metres Margeret Island is almost an own district but administratively it belongs to the 13th district which is on the Pest side. Mainly the island is covered by a big green area or a park with a running track (5350 meters long) around and a lot of entertainment on it such as bars, sports possibilities and even a zoo.

In the Middle Ages Margeret Island was called Nyulak szigete which means Island of the rabbits but in the 13th century it got its current name from Saint Margaret, the daughter of Béla IV of Hungary. It had many names, before it was finally renamed, such as Nagyboldogasszony-sziget, Úr-sziget, Budai-sziget, Dunai-sziget, Nádor-sziget or Palatinus-sziget.

In 1908 it was declared a public garden and from the 1980s onwards the car entrance has been limited to one bus line, taxis and owners of stores and restaurants. Still you can enter the island by car from Árpád bridge but just for parking and maximum to the Hotel Margaret Island.

There are several landmarks on Margeret Island in Budapest such as

  • the Centennial Memorial of 1973
  • a small Japanese Garden
  • a tiny zoo
  • the “Music Well” , a small pavilion, which was originally built for open-air concerts
  • the “Music Fountain” , a fountain where music is played and light shows are performed in summer
  • an octagonal Water Tower of 57 m

The Music Fountain and the Water Tower are protected UNESCO sites.

Entertainment on Margeret Island

The island is host of several bars such as the ChaChaCha club or the famous bar Holdudvar which are only open during summer time because they are mainly open air but also smaller cafés have their place on Margeret Island which are open all year long. Furthermore there are several pools, e.g. the Palatinus water park (the largest open-air swimming complex in Budapest), a tennis stadium, a football pitch and an athletics centre.

For visitors who would like to stay overnight on Margaret Island in Budapest there are 2 hotels providing accommodation, the Fin de siècle Grand Hotel Margitsziget and the modern Thermal Hotel Margitsziget with thermal spa and various medical services.

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