Memento Park

Memento Park (Szoborpark Múzeum) is home to many of the old communist era statues and monuments. The statues were originally located all over Budapest but were removed once there was a change in the political system. Memento Park is located on a piece of land, 10km southwest of the city center. It contains approximately 40-50 statues dedicated to various soviet themes.

After the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary in 1989, the Hungarians removed all the communist statues, plaques, reliefs and placed them in the same location, what is now Memento Park. You can find mostly everything from the communist era here, from farm workers, to Spanish revolutionaries, from Lenin to the fathers of Hungarian communism: Szamuely, Kun, and Landler.

On June 29, 1993, the second anniversary of the retreat of the Russian troops from Hungarian territory, the park celebrated a ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new outdoor museum.

New attractions you’ll find at Memento Park is a replication of Stalin’s boots, all that was left after a crowd pulled the enormous statue down during the 1956 Uprising. This is not an accurate copy of the original but a recreation by Ákos Eleőd. Also in 2007, a new exhibition center and movie hall were built. The exhibition center takes you through the history of the 1956 revolution and of the 1989-1990 political changes – with both English and Hungarian captions. In the theatre you can see The life of an agent, a documentary on the methods used by the secret police, directed by Gábor Zsigmond Papp, with English subtitles.

It’s a must-see for any fan of socialist realism, or just fascinated by what Budapest would have looked like under Communism.

Opening hours:
10 a.m. till dusk.

Entrance fee:
Adults: 1.500 HUF
Students: 1.000 HUF
Budapest Card discount: -40%

For more information visit there site at:

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