Vaci Utca Budapest

Váci utca is Budapest’s main shopping area that starts from Budapest Central Market(Nagycsamok) at Fövám Tér and ends in Vorosmarty square. It is located in the heart of the old center of Pest and parallel to the river Danube. Vaci utca is a beautiful pedestrian filled street with different styles of buildings, lots of restaurants and souvenir shops. It is certainly the most lively and elegant street in Budapest, along with the most exclusive shops and cafe’s in the city. If you enjoy shopping then Vaci Utca is a place to visit while in Budapest.

It was formed in the 18th century, though most of the lovely architecture that visitors will find as they make their way down this popular street is from the 19th and early 20th centuries. There is constantly construction on Vaci to upgrade this already fabulous street to an ultra chic shopping area of eastern Europe.

This vehicle-free street, Váci utca is best enjoyed on a warm sunny day, so you’re able to comfortably stroll down the street, view all the shops and sit at the charming outdoor cafes. Among the retailers located here , you’ll find a range of inexpensive to expensive shops such as Zara, H&M, Mango, ESPIRIT, Douglas AG, Swarovski, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Adidas.

Getting there is simple since this area is served by numerous subway stops including Deak Ter, Vorosmarty Ter, and Ferenciek Ter. You can visit the street by day or even at night to partake in the exciting nightlife Budapest has to offer, either way while visiting Budapest, Váci utca should be a stop in your journey.

Sights around Vaci Utca in Budapest

Tours covering Vaci Utca in Budapest

The above mentioned tours cover 1 of the 3 roads crossing Vaci Utca so you might get a little impression but if you really want to see Vaci Utca you need to visit it yourself and have a walk.

Vaci Utca Tourist Scam
Unfortunately where a lot of tourists are there is a lot of scam. On the one hand you should be very alerted in restaurants, cafes and bars on Vaci utca. On the other hand, and thats the bigger threat, you should not get into a discussion with girls on Vaci Utca as they will lead you into a scam bar in Budapest. usually these girls appear in a group of 2 and pretend to either be students from somewhere else or just some young, good looking girls searching for people to hang out with. The thing is that they will ask you to join them for a drink with you and lead you directly into scam bars.
Most “popular” is the bar (sorry the name is changing week by week to hide the scam) which you can only access by elevator very close to Vaci Utca. Here several hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists each year enter and leave with paying minimum 200 Euros. If you pay they will let you go (many tourists do not have a feeling for the money so they pay without noticing how expensive it is and find it out the next day) but in case you are not willing to pay the bouncers or bodyguards will make you pay with physical violence. So stay away from any girl in Budapests Vaci Utca.
Unfortunately this scam is still a common practice and even the police will not be able to help you in this case. So be awre!

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