Wine tasting Cruise

Whats a better way to taste Hungarian wine and cuisine then by taking the ‘Budapest Wine tasting’ tour. The tour takes place in a restaurant in the city center. This is a perfect tour for those who would love to explore the Hungarian culture through its food and wine.

The wine in Budapest is known to be delicious and unique and because of that, when shopping for a bottle of wine it is quite expensive. This is a result of using small private vineyards in Hungary who want to ensure the quality of wine by rejecting to sell foreign and remain domestic, keeping the wine exclusive.

While on the tour, you will get the opportunity to see the inside into Hungarian wine making and experience a three-course traditional Hungarian meal. Before eating the meal, you get to see how the meal is prepared, a chance to learn real Hungarian cooking, like the famous Goulash soup which is served. The other courses of the meal are not fixed. During dinner, you can also taste several of the offered wines like Villany or Tokaj wines. After your lunch, visit a wine shop and enjoy some more wine. You’ll learn the deeper meaning behind Hungarian wines and the significance they played in history.

A great opportunity to start the evening, spend a refreshing afternoon on board! Be the part of a special „wine tasting” cruise, relax in the company of the most famous Hungarian wine selections. Hungarian wine culture and hospitality are well known all around the world, join us and we show you why!

The spectacular view of the always vibrant Budapest will make your cruise more memorable (The bank of the Danube is the part of UNESCO World heritage).

During the trip you can taste 7 different type Hungarian wines from variant organic wineries includes the famous Tokaj wine!

The cruise lasts 2 hours, and our bar on board is open for the purchase of further Hungarian wines, Tokaj wines /other beverages.

You can take the cruise at 10pm as well, if you’re looking for a wine tasting experience surrounded by the illuminated Budapest. The cruise at 22:00 is 90 minutes long.

Between two sips from two different wines we offer you scones to have the taste better.

We guarantee all the ingredients for having a memorable time!

Price Includes limited (8 cl) tasting from 7 différent type of hungarian wine.

Wine list to taste:
Tokaji Furmint Grand Selection
Hilltop Premium Merlot
Juhász Blue Frankish Rosé
Bodri Szekszárdi Civilis Cuvée
Bárdos Pincészet Pinot Grigio
Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet
Tokaji Aszu 3 Puttonyos

We are now offering pick-up and drop-off services for our evening cruises!

Our chauffeur will take you directly to the ship so you don’t have to go the meeting point, after the cruise we’ll take you back to your accommodation.

We kindly ask you, to check in at your receptionist 30-40 minutes prior to you cruise start, to help us find you!

In case of booking tickets with pick up please add your Hotel name in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field during checkout process.

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